Water Feature Maintenance Tips From Professionals

We can’t stress enough just how important it is to conduct water feature maintenance. Do not be carried away by the beautiful appearance of the water feature. It is hard to retain its beauty when it is dirty! The proper process will depend on the climate, size, and location of the water feature.

That said, here are some tips you’d want to follow:

Prevent the growth of algae

Algae may rapidly take over the whole water feature when uncontrolled. Green and string algae are some of the most common types in ponds. They can cause problems like clogging filters, dirtying the water, and making your fish sick.

You might see algae when you have a build-up of fish food, fish waste, and decaying debris. Install a good filter and empty the filter basket regularly. You may also add debris-reducing treatments to the water and remove excess debris with the use of pond nets.

Prevent mosquitos from breeding

A neglected pond might result in the appearance of mosquito larvae. They do not only act as a nuisance but may carry diseases as well. It is possible to prevent the breeding of mosquitos by keeping the water quality high. 

This can be achieved by making the water move with the help of an aerator or pump. You should also regularly get rid of debris from the pond.

Ensure high water quality

Test the water on a regular basis to make sure it meets the standards. You might also want to test for copper, ammonia, and alkalinity while you are at it. A simple water test kit is all you need. We recommend having a good pump and filter installed to keep the water in good condition. They help by circulating the water and removing debris and waste.

Make your fish healthy and happy

Fish can help ensure the health of the water feature. As living beings, you should always keep them happy and healthy. When you have a proper water maintenance routine in place, the fish will be stress-free and happy. Keep in mind that happy fish feed on algae, mosquito larvae, and similar debris in the pond.

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