Will a pond breed mosquitos?

If you have a well-designed pond, it should not attract mosquitos. These creatures like stagnant water, which can be avoided with running water. There are many ways to add moving water from waterfalls to streams to skimmers to fountains.

Should the pump run 24/7?

We highly recommend running the new pond pump the whole day. This will keep the pond ecosystem in tip-top shape with maximum oxygen levels, healthy aerobic bacteria, good fish health, and proper filtration.

Why should ponds have rocks?

A balanced pond ecosystem will have five parts: fish, plants, rock, biological filtration, and mechanical filtration. Rocks and gravel at the bottom of the water feature serve as the ideal surface for large quantities of bacteria, which aid in the breakdown and digestion of organic material.

When should I replace my filter pads?

You should get replacement filter pads once the installed ones start to fall apart upon handling them. Filter pads of good quality should last two to three years before replacement.

How should I introduce fish to my new pond?

You should wait at least 72 hours after a complete water change or cleanout before adding fish. This will ensure that the temperature and water chemistry of the pond has already stabilized. 

A pond detoxifier will neutralize chloramine and chlorine, detoxify heavy metals, and reduce stress for the fish. Begin with a couple of fish and then slowly build the fish population.

What aquatic plants are ideal for a stream or pondless waterfall?

For a stream, there are numerous options. Among others, you can add Chameleon Plant, Creeping Jenny, Taro, Marsh Marigold, Forget-me-nots, and Parrot’s Feather.

What fish can I add to my pond?

There are so many fish to choose from. Koi has always been popular among pond owners. Aside from that, you can also put goldfish, shubunkins, and catfish. If you are interested in other fish, become familiar with the background of the fish to figure out how to make them survive and thrive in the pond.