Who wouldn’t want to return to a slice of paradise in the comfort of their own home? Any space will benefit from the addition of a garden pond. It is a good way to bring the great outdoors into your own backyard. A body of water automatically draws attention to it and can add serenity to any landscape.

There are plenty of facets to a backyard pond. For one thing, it will support the local ecology of the area. It can also be educational, which is a plus if you have young children. Once you have one installed, you will probably ask yourself why you did not think of it earlier.

Ecosystem Pond

An ecosystem pond works with natural elements to provide shelter, safety, and food to the wildlife in and around it. This is a good way to add a slice of paradise that requires low maintenance despite being all natural. However, you must have all the necessary parts to have a balanced ecosystem.

Parts of an Ecosystem Pond


This is a mechanical filter that pre-filters water and houses the pump. It skims debris from the surface, which prevents organic materials from accumulating on the floor of the pond.


It is important to have a good circulation system to prevent still water. This ensures that there will be sufficient oxygen levels in which the plants and fish can thrive.


As a biological filter, this is where the beneficial bacteria will colonize and get rid of excess nutrients in the water.

Gravel and rocks

These provide a surface area where beneficial bacteria can break down organic debris and excess nutrients.


Flora serves as the true filter of Mother Nature, which means it is critical for pond health. Plants also add texture and color.


With the addition of bottom feeders, pond maintenance will be reduced. On top of that, fish makes for excellent pets.

End Notes

There are numerous parts to any pond. Once assembled correctly, they will form a work of art that reflects your personality and the beauty of mother nature.