You can significantly enhance any outdoor living area with the addition of a pondless stream or waterfall. This is a great idea even when you have limited free space. 

You can choose between a serene brook or a waterfall with a higher drop. Waterfalls are energy efficient, low maintenance, and attractive to all kinds of wildlife.

Children will love the sight of a waterfall. However, what makes it even more special is the movement of water. The sounds of water falling from an altitude can be very pleasant and soothing, immediately transporting you outdoors even when you are in the comfort of your own home. 

We recommend placing it close to a window so that you can enjoy its relaxing sounds even from indoors. You can customize this feature to suit the space that you have.

How It Works

Are you wondering how pondless waterfalls work? We understand where the confusion is coming from. After all, in real life, there must be a body of water at the bottom where the water from above pools. This is not the case here.

You see, it is all a matter of the recirculation of water in the area. This kind of manmade landscape feature works because water is pumped with the help of a big reservoir in the ground, which then flows up and into the waterfall spillway. The process is repeated so that the waterfall can continue to operate smoothly.

This is a system that does not require much maintenance. We daresay that it is perfect for families with pets or young kids. On top of that, it is generally easy to install and requires little training.

Many people like to have such a system installed close to the front entrance or in the backyard of their home. It is also possible to add fun twists and turns if so desired. In case you were wondering, you can always have a pond added to the installation later on. 

This is a great idea if you want to raise fish and add more aquatic plants to the system.