A water feature will only look good if it has been getting the right amount of care and maintenance. Otherwise, it will make your space look dirty and unappealing. We highly recommend getting pond maintenance, repair, or cleaning every now and then.  

This is best done with a knowledgeable and trained contractor that you can trust.

Pond and Waterfall Maintenance

When you are working with a good pond contractor, you can make the right schedule for the fountain, waterfall, or pond in question. It is important to have an idea of when to do this. It is going to take a good working knowledge of your system to arrive at the right answer to this question. 

By following such a schedule, the water feature will look good at any point in the year. Maintenance packages are convenient and ideal options.

Pond and Waterfall Cleaning

Aside from general maintenance, the pond or waterfall might require a deep clean. This should happen less often than regular maintenance. At any rate, a good contractor will have the skill sets required for the assessment of the water feature. They can then inform you if it is necessary to get a full clean.

Pond and Waterfall repair

A poorly installed waterfall or pond might lead to problems that prevent the full enjoyment of the water feature. Contractors can help you find and fix leaks, among other issues. These problems should be fixed to let them function as intended.

Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Clean the debris and dirt from rocks and pebbles once the water feature is built. You should also get rid of dirty water before you fill it up. It can take a couple of rinses to accomplish this.

You should also add bacteria in order to seed its filter system. Once done, keep adding doses based on the size of the water feature every couple of days.

It is always a good idea to add plants to both ponds and pondless systems. They are critical to the health of the ecosystem. The growth of aquatic plants results in the absorption of nutrients. This will lead to the water clearing up since algae will naturally be reduced.

It can take as long as an entire year for an ecosystem pond to find balance. Do not worry too much if you have algae during the first twelve months. Keep an eye on the severity of the issue, which will tell you what to do next. It is an option for you to simply wait out the cycle and then remove the algae that you can. 

Another option is to use solutions and cleaners that can get rid of the algae for you.