When you have a recreation pond, the options are endless. You can even add fish and vegetation as you wish! Not everyone has been blessed to have a natural pond on their property, so this is a great alternative.

A lot of satisfied customers have been enjoying recreation ponds in their own homes. If you are not among them, you might want to reconsider. After all, who doesn’t want to swim amongst plants and fish in a personal billabong when it is hot outside? When it is cold, the view of the pond is still delightful.

How It Works

A non-structural recreation pond is built right into the ground through terracing. This process creates the depth and shape of the pond before the geotextile underlay and rubber liner membrane are added. 

After this, the liner is covered with pebbles and rocks to make it look natural. All designs are unique and may incorporate features like bench seats, beach areas, spill bowls, and even diving rocks!

Recreational ponds were designed to be natural ecosystems that collaborate with the environment to provide clear water. This is done with the help of a wetland filtration system. The wetland serves as a biological filter with the creation of an area full of plants, gravel, and rocks. This creates a surface suitable for bacterial colonization.

Benefits of Recreation Ponds

Year-round use and enjoyment

  • Fresh water free of chlorine
  • Low maintenance
  • Personal outdoor snorkeling aquarium space
  • Cools and fireproofs your house
  • Perennial aquatic garden
  • Supports wildlife in the area
  • Affordable running costs
  • Looks natural
  • Jazzes up the appearance of any backyard


All in all, you can’t go wrong with a recreational pond in your own backyard. We highly recommend it if you have the space, money, and time for it. This is a great way to boost the beauty of your space in a way that looks natural. 

Aside from the aesthetic appeal of the results, it also has many benefits that you and the whole family can take advantage of no matter what time of the year it is.